Is Sub-Metering right for you?

In most cases, your representatives can install the meters, but MeterMasters, Inc. can install them should you choose.

We will complete an evaluation at no cost to you. Meter Master can provide the water meter and the Styrofoam jackets at a substantial savings. The combination of meter and jacket has worked well in all conditions.

Community Owner or Developer
Can you answer these questions?

  • The total volume of water consumed at each unit?
  • The total volume of water consumed in the entire park?
  • The value of the water now supplied for free?
  • The total losses caused by the water and sewer systems by careless water use and abuse?

Sales and Installation

Using the most reputable, code-compliant sub-metering products on the market, Meter Masters, Inc. will install and service your unit and get you started on the path to significant savings.

We offer sub-metering systems for new construction, retrofit and replacement of existing systems. Our skilled technicians work directly with you or your site maintenance staff to troubleshoot installation issues and minimize service costs.

We also offer a lease/purchase option.

With 20 years of experience, MeterMasters, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

Why install water meters at each unit?

  • Normally you can recover the cost of the meters and their installation within 6 months.
  • You will see immediate reductions in the cost to supply water.
  • You will see immediate reductions in the cost of operations of your sewer systems.
  • Your water dispersal system will operate more efficiently since you will be able to easily distinguish tenant vs. system leaks.
  • You will immediately receive a significant increase in the monthly rental, and you will be able to better identify your fixed costs for future plans.

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