meter1 Monitoring & Billing Services

Monitoring & Billing Services

Meter Masters’ team of highly trained technicians provide accurate monthly readings to ensure each meter is working properly so tenants are billed for their exact usage.

Our billing experts consistently deliver timely and efficient invoices to keep your cash flow moving.

Our customer service department is available during peak hours to answer any questions from tenants, managers or owners.

How MeterMaster Monitoring/Billing Works

  1. Meters and associated building, unit and resident information are uploaded to our billing system and verified for accuracy by property staff.
  2. Meter information is read by our expertly trained staff.
  3. Sub-meter readings are then imported into a state-of-the-art billing system and individual utility bills are created.
  4. Bills become part of the tenants rent and are collected by the property owners/managers.
  5. A monthly utility reimbursement check is sent to the owner, manager, association manager or other persons in charge of receiving payments.

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