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How Sub-Metering Works

Sub-metering is a term used for installing individual water meters behind the master meter of a multi-unit commercial or residential property.

The sub-meters are connected to each water line servicing the individual units. Water passes through the sub-meter, which tracks the total water consumption per unit.

Each month Meter Masters' personnel reads each meter in your park. The rates for water and sewage services vary in different areas and our procedures satisfy all the requirements for the reading and billing of water and sewer charges.

Each tenant receives an itemized statement which outlines the period of use, the amount of consumption, and the total amounts owed for the water and sewer services. The tenant is directed in the invoice to pay you each month along with the other lot rent. All questions from the tenants, Inc.

Each park owner receives a monthly summary from MeterMasters, Inc. This report summarizes the consumption and amount owed by each tenant. It also identifies the total consumption for the entire park.

MeterMasters, Inc. charges a nominal monthly service fee for the meter reading and billing services. The cost is paid by the tenant, and is included in the monthly bill.

Benefits of Sub-metering

Property owners know that water management can spiral out of control due to a variety of factors including rate increases, water leaks and overuse. Sub-metering allows owners to take control of their water and sewer costs by offering separate distribution and the ability to track individual usage per unit.

Tenants only pay for the water they use, and the heightened awareness of consumption typically results in conservation efforts.

Meter Masters, Inc. can also help property owners monitor leaks throughout their multi-unit property.

Some of the benefits of sub-metering include:

  • Additional Cash Flow
  • Stabilized Utility Payments
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Increased Property Value
  • Enhanced Water Conservation

The MeterMasters, Inc. Solution works whether your water supply is your on-site system, or you purchase water from another source.

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