Now is the time to make the changes already being utilized on other communities in your area.

Water conservation benefits everyone. Call MeterMasters now!


If you own or manage a multi-unit property, sub-metering can save you an average of 25 percent on your water bills.

Monitoring the water consumption of each unit promotes individual accountability and ultimately leads to conservation of our precious water supply.

Save Water.
Save Money.

When you install sub-meters onto your master water meter, you will immediately realize cost savings by eliminating wasteful use of water.

Meter Masters, Inc.'s trained professional staff will accurately monitor your monthly water use and provide recommendations on how to reduce consumption.

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Meter Masters, Inc. understands the unique needs and challenges associated with managing multi-unit properties.

As owners of our own mobile home communities and multi-family dwellings, we discovered the benefits of sub-metering and are now one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier providers of sub-metering services.

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